10 essential tips that will improve your vision significantly Your brain receives 80% of the information through eyes. Hence, it is necessary to take care of them. It is necessary to take care of your spectacles and keep them clean. This list has everything you need to know to do this effectively: Wear them always - yes, it makes you look stern and old, but your carelessness might lead to further damage to your vision. Cleaning is important - lenses need to be squeaky clean to have that unrestricted vision. Emphasis on UV protection- prolonged UV exposure can make you go blind. While we wear sunscreen for our skin , we forget to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays. Regular eye-checkups eye-checkups should atleast be done once a year to ensure if there is any change in power. Give your eyes regular breaks- reduce eye strain by taking regular breaks when using electronic devices like laptops, desktops etc. Wear comfortable eye-wears - choice of eyewear also plays an important role. Make sure they are light and steady. Eat a healthy diet - eat food rich in vitamin C (oranges, guava), almonds, vitamin A (carrots, dark green leafy vegetables), to provide required nourishment to the eyes. Do not ignore allergies -visit a doctor if an eye allergy does not subside in 2-3 days. Watch television at a proper viewing distance – don’t stick your eyes to the television screen, keep a distance of atleast 3 metres in a well lit room. Do not lie down and read- sit erect while reading .Do not keep the book too close to your eyes. Lastly, a proper sleep is very important for healthy eyes and prevents you from developing dark circles. You can also use an eye drop on a regular basis which will sooth your eyes as well. These are few tips, if followed can improve your vision significantly. Follow these tips and enjoy improved vision.