18 eye care tips you should never forget

  1. Wash the eyes with cold water in the mornings – it is soothing
  2. Use sunglasses in sunlight to block the UV rays.
  3. Always wear correct glasses & do not use someone else’s glasses.
  4. Do not read while lying down, in a moving train or bus.
  5. Ensure there is proper light – do not read in dim light.
  6. A well balanced diet is important. Foods with coloured pigments like carrot, mangoes, beetroot etc. are rich sources of vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for eyes especially in children. Lack of vitamin A in children can cause night blindness.
  7. Periodic eye checkup-at-least once a year for people having normal vision, or as and when advised for people with eye problems is essential.
  8. Avoid self-medication for eyes - it can be dangerous.
  9. Do not watch solar eclipse without any protective eye wear.
  10. Certain eye exercises helps to relieve tension from the eye muscles and relaxes them thereby preventing eyestrain.
  11. If you have diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure), periodic eye checkup with retinal examination is important as advised by your opthalmologist.
  12. If there is any family history of myopia, Glaucoma, Retinal detachment-periodic eye checkup is necessary.
  13. Any crossing of eyes, excessive watering or redness of the eye should be reported to your eye doctor immediately. With proper treatment at the right time the problem can be solved more effectively.
  14. Routine eye checkup for children is necessary to rule out possibility of refractive error with need for glasses.
  15. If the child is squeezing his eyes while watching TV, rubbing eyes excessively or blinks too much, he might need glasses.
  16. If the child has glasses, it should be checked yearly.
  17. Do not let children play with sharply pointed objects like pencil, pen etc. as these can cause serious eye injuries.
  18. In case of eye injuries to the eye due to a fall or ball injury, do not neglect it. The eye doctor should be consulted immediately.