Modern cataract treatments with greater benefits

Micro-incision Phaco-emulsification

What is a cataract?

The natural lens of the human eye causes light to be focused and produces clear, sharp images. Cataracts result in the clouding of the natural lens of the eye causing blurred vision.
Modern-cataract-treatments11Description Micro-incisions and phaco-emulsification is an advanced procedure wherein the surgeon removes the cataract through a small incision. Microincision Phacoemulsification is a procedure in which the cataract is removed with a sub 2 mm incision and a foldable micronicision lens is implanted though it.
Phaco-emulsification uses ultra-sound vibrations to break apart and fragment the cataract into tiny pieces. A suctioning device then removes the cataract, leaving the rear portion of the lens capsule intact. The incisions used in the procedure are less than 2 mm. This can be a stitch-less procedure or might involve a few stitches depending on the type of lenses implanted. Foldable lenses can be inserted without a stitch whereas non-foldable lenses might require several stitches. Suitability - All healthy patients with cataracts that impair vision are candidates for micro-incision and phaco-emulsification implants. Benefits
  • Quicker recovery of vision.
  • The minimal trauma associated with this procedure reduces the probability of infection.
  • Quick return to normality.
  • Quick healing.
  • High-safety profile as compared to alternative treatments for cataracts.