Medically advanced and cost effective surgeries for people all over the world

LASIK eye surgery in India is both medically advanced and cost effective.
People from all over the world visit India for their LASIK treatment. At Ojas, Dr. Niteen Dedhia and his team of highly qualified ophthalmologic surgeons have clinical and academic expertise that enables them to cure even the most difficult eye diseases.

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Having treated more than 80,000 patients from over 191 countries, the experience of our doctors is unparalleled in India, and even in the world. We understand you’d have a lot of questions before you decide on LASIK. Do read our FAQs, familiarize yourself with the various types of LASIK surgeries, and then contact us.

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We’ve attempted to answer a few questions here. Should you have any more queries, feel free to
drop us a mail or call us and we’ll be happy to answer you.

How do I take the 1st step for LASIK Surgery?

Read through the services we offer and send us an e-mail at mentioning the following:

  • the medical treatment(s) you’re interested in
  • preferred date and time for the treatment
  • amount of time you can invest in the treatment
  • your medical reports, if any, and
  • any queries you might have.

We will get back to you with the appropriate details for the medical treatment(s) you’ve asked for.

Why should I go to India for eye surgery?

  • Today, India boasts of a vast pool of highly skilled doctors and nurses with access to modern medical technology, at par with the best in the world. The medical personnel here are fluent in English. All medical procedures, including hospitalization and recovery, cost much less than those in the US and Europe.
  • For example the average cost of LASIK surgery in the USA is $ 3000. In India it’s a third of that. That means you can get world-class surgery done and still enjoy a great holiday in India with the kind of money you’d spend on your LASIK surgery elsewhere.
  • Adherence to global quality and standards for treatment and surgery are a strict requirement here.

Why should I choose Ojas over any other LASIK centre in India?

There are many LASIK centres in India, but your eyes aren’t something you want to play with. Trust them with only the best. Find out why Ojas is the right choice for LASIK eye surgery and treatment.

What are the facilities available at the Ojas Eye Centre?

  • The Ojas Eye Eye Hospital is an advanced ophthalmic clinic that offers a variety of high-end medical solutions in the fields of vision correction and various eye diseases.
  • Take a virtual tour of our centre. It’s difficult to feel at home when you’re away from it, but we’d love to try.

What is your medical team like?

dr.nitin-CTWe house only the best. Dr Niteen Dedhia along with his team of expert ophthalmologists will convince you of the same.Meet out doctors

Can I talk to the eye surgeon at your centre before coming to India for my eye treatment?

Sure you can! We will be happy to arrange a phone consultation with our eye surgeon so that all your questions are answered before you come here. We want you to be sure of your decision to visit India for your eye care needs and we’ll be glad to assist in every manner possible.

How can I plan my visit? Will I receive any help?

Yes, you will. Send an e-mail to us stating the number of days you wish to spend here along with the dates. We will provide you with all the necessary information regarding stay, places worth visiting, and more.

What precautions will be necessary after the procedure is done?

  • The surgeons assisting you during the eye treatment will educate you about all the necessary precautions once the surgery is completed.
  • You will also be told about any medicines you might have to take after the eye surgery.

How many days after my eye treatment should I leave?

Your stay will depend upon the eye treatment performed. It usually varies from 3 to 7 days. In this period, follow up visits are scheduled to ensure that no post-operative complications take place. Thereafter, you’re free to leave.

Can I travel as soon as my eye treatment is over?

Once the eye treatment is complete, we will call you for a follow up visit on the next day to ensure no post-operative complications are observed. Thereafter, you can travel.

Will I be able to visit tourist places in India after my eye surgery/treatment?

After the first follow up is done, you can travel and enjoy India without glasses!

Will I be guided about tourist places & locations in India?

Yes, a person from our centre will provide you with all the required information about the tourist places to visit in India, as required by you.

If I have any questions once I go back home after the treatment, what do I do?

You can contact us via telephone or e-mail, and we will take care of any doubts you might have.

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