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State of the Art Equipment

State of the Art Equipment

WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser
WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser

Accelerated Excimer Performance

Built on trusted WaveLight® excimer technology, the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the next leap forward in fast, accurate refractive laser treatments.

Built for Speed and Superb Outcomes

The WaveLight® Refractive Suite is the fastest refractive surgery platform available in the U.S.:

  • The WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the only excimer laser to operate at 500 Hz, with an average treatment time of approximately 1.4 seconds per diopter1
  • The WaveLight® FS200 Femtosecond Laser is the fastest femtosecond laser available in the U.S., with a standard flap creation time of approximately 6 seconds1,2
  • The swivel bed is designed to optimize time between the flap creation and laser procedures.

Its innovative engineering helps reduce the potential for3:

  • Stromal dehydration of the cornea
  • Flap shrinkage
  • Sensitivity to eye movements
  • Patient fixation fatigue
OPD Scan Wavefront Mapping
OPD Scan Wavefront Mapping

The Nidek OPD-Scan for diagnosis and mapping. It is a time-based wavefront sensor using a dynamic skiascopy principle. In 0.4 seconds it can perform auto-skiascopy, autopography, auto-keratometry and auto aberrometry.The final fit software (FFS) imports the data from the OPD-scan, and generates the ablation algorithms for the EC-CX III Excimer Laser.

WaveLight Topolyzer
WaveLight Topolyzer

The ALLEGRO Oculyzer performs topography measurements of the front and back surfaces of the cornea and corneal volume.

Advanced topography measurements enable pre-operative planning for any corneal refractive treatment and allow progression control after corneal surgery. In addition the ALLEGRO Oculyzer features an improved IOL calculation software for post-LASIK patients.

No matter what data you need, WaveLight technology offers a broad range of advanced diagnostic tools to meet the requirements of both your therapeutic procedures and your patients.

Exceptional Corneal Topography

Dr Rushita Kamdar
  • Complete spectrum of optical measurements, data analysis and image representations
  • Automatic keratoconus recognition
  • Zernike and Fourier analysis
  • Automatic eye recognition (OD/OS)
  • Pupil center shift function over multiple lighting conditions
  • Used with topography-guided procedures
  • Topography, keratometry and pupillometry in a single device
  • Delivers data for precise cyclotorsion control
  • Provides seamless data transfer to the WaveLight Refractive Suite through WaveNet, an integrated computer network

Precision, Efficiency and Accuracy

  • Based on the placido disc system
  • References 22,000 elevation points to generate high-resolution corneal images
  • Measuring times of less than a second, once pupil centration is achieved
  • High reproducibility and accuracy of data

Technical Data

  • Camera: Custom designed digital CCD camera with synchronous pixel sampling
  • Light source: Custom designed blue LED’s (475 nm, UV free)
  • Processor: Ultra-fast DSP with 400 million operations per second
  • Speed: 50 scans in two seconds with approx. 500 true elevation points per scan and surface
  • Measurement range: 3 to 38 mm (corneal radius) 9 to 99 D (refractive power)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2 D
  • Reproducibility: ±0.2 D
  • Working distance: 80 mm
  • Number of data points evaluated: 25,000 (max.)

  • Artevo 800 Digital MicroscopeArtevo 800 Digital Microscope
  • Corneal Analyzer OPD-Scan lllCorneal Analyzer OPD-Scan lll
  • WaveLight® EX500 Excimer LaserWaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser
  • Leica MicroscopeLeica Microscope
  • LipiView II Ocular Surface InterferometerLipiView II Ocular Surface Interferometer
  • M22 De  LumenisM22 De Lumenis
  • Ocular Response Analyzer Ocular Response Analyzer
  • PERIMETER  (HFA) Carl ZeissPERIMETER (HFA) Carl Zeiss
  • SLIT LAMP Green Laser UnitSLIT LAMP Green Laser Unit
  • SLIT LAMP SL2 (SL450) D-22880SLIT LAMP SL2 (SL450) D-22880
  • SLIT LAMP Topcon South Asia Pvt LtdSLIT LAMP Topcon South Asia Pvt Ltd
  • SLIT LAMP TopconSLIT LAMP Topcon
  • WaveLight TopolyzerWaveLight Topolyzer

Investing in the latest technology and equipment: Ojas introduces and invests in the latest technological breakthroughs and surgical procedures in India. This ensures that our patients get the very best the world has to offer without ever having to leave the country.

A thoroughly patient-friendly approach: Every medical practitioner at Ojas makes sure that the patient gets the best treatment. We believe in 2 way communications and are ready to solve patient’s queries.

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  • It is been a wonderful experience to know you all and also to be treated by such a friendly and excellent team of professionals. What you all have done for me is just inexplicable all can say is "Thank you so much" for doing this wonder on my eyes. It really feels great to have an aid less vision. May God bless all of you all health and happiness and wish you all the very best for your work!

    Sumantha Guha


  • It's been a month since the LASIK surgery and i feel quite relieved not having to bother with contact lenses, glasses and not being able to see. Now, I feel good coz I can see clearly with no hassles, and relieved from glasses after 10 years.

    Reshma C Menghani

    Khar West, Mumbai

  • With the growing age and multiple times facing the problems of blurred vision, the need of doing an eye check up did arouse. I visited Ojas Eye hospital for the tests and soon I was diagnosed with the eye disease called Cataract. My mind was baffled with questions. Friendly approach of Dr.Dedhia, in Pre and post operations, was truly supporting. The advanced eye correction equipment did ensure the rest. My cataract operation is successful and at present I am blessed with clear vision.

    Salim Khan

  • She was suffering from a squint but the highly trained and welcoming team of the hospital made this tough times a comfortable one. The medical process was explained in depth which gave us a green signal with the sense of security and decided to go ahead with the surgery. I once again thank the entire team at Ojas for gifting my daughter the gift of a better sight.

    NJoki Khungwa

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  • Dream come true to watch the world with naked eyes with ease and Ojas has played a key role to make it happen. It has been excellent experience with Ojas. In terms of professionalism and skills, I consider Ojas one of the best eye care hospital.Especially Dr. Yatin was very helpful and made sure that I face no issues. Thanks

    Afreen Aga