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We welcome patients from all social and monetary backgrounds

We welcome patients from all social and monetary backgrounds

Nov 16, 2019

Bringing affordability through the charitable trust:

We firmly believe that advanced medical ophthalmic care should not remain the preserve and privilege of the rich. We welcome patients from all social and monetary backgrounds and offer highly subsidized ophthalmic care and procedures through the aegis of the Smt. Naliniben Chhaganlal Dedhia Charitable Eye Institute. A mobile eye van goes to the less priviledged areas of the city for administering regular eye check-ups and other eye services free of cost every week.

Our mobile eye van

Besides general eye examinations, treatment for diseases like cataract, glaucoma, squint, pterygium, cysts, DCR, to name a few, are also provided.This charitable eye institute is run under the guidance and support of Dr. Niteen C Dedhia

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Dr. Chhaganlal Nanji Dedhia (Dr. Niteen C Dedhia’s Father)

Seven decades ago, the main occupation of our forefathers in the native place of Kutch was farming. Very few courageous people had ventured to the city of Mumbai to earn a livelihood. Most of them were traders of food grains. During those days the opportunities for higher studies were limited.

One young boy at a tender age of 12 years having completed his primary education in village Gadshisha came to Mumbai with a vivid dream to become a surgeon and with his self confidence, hard work & diligence made it a reality!

This was none other than Dr. Chhaganlal Nanji Dedhia who succeeded in passing his M.S. (General surgery) from K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai in 1956.

In his quest to achieve more knowledge, he went to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Edinburgh, U.K. in the year 1957 to procure his F.R.C.S. degree.

He worked in England for about six years to gain more experience in the field of medicine and Surgery and returned to India to serve the society at large.

He was offered Honorary Surgeon’s Post at B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, which he accepted and lent his services from 1962 to 1978. He also served at many Charitable hospitals like Sarvodaya Hospital and Kothari Hospital. He had his private practice at Bombay Mutual Terrace Building at Opera House, Mumbai.

He was a gifted man and was successful in treating a number of complicated cases. People to this date remember him & bless him for his good deeds. He was a humble person and inspite of his busy career had managed to establish strong and lasting friendship with many people.

Smt. Naliniben Dedhia (Dr. Niteen C Dedhia’s Mother)

He was encouraged and supported by his better half Smt. Naliniben Dedhia.

Smt. Naliniben was a very gifted daughter of a very prominent businessman of our society, Sheth Shri Dhanji Devshi. He was the founder member and main donor of many worthy projects like Dhanji Devshi Rashtriya Kanya Shala, Ghatkopar, Sthanakvasi Jain Upashrya etc

Before her marriage Naliniben was an active social worker. She was a gifted singer and was invited to sing at All India Radio (AIR), Mumbai. After her marriage she became more involved in family & spiritual activities.

Both Chhaganlal bhai and Naliniben were ideal Parent’s who always encouraged and guided their two sons.

In an endeavor to follow their footsteps we take great pleasure in starting Smt. Naliniben Chhaganlal Dedhia Charitable Eye Institute, which is a well equipped center to treat all kind of eye problems on a charitable basis for the poor and needy people of the society.

In a humble endeavor to serve the society, a Charitable Eye Institute has been started in memory of Smt. Naliniben & Dr. Shri Chhaganlal Dedhia who were themselves pioneer in social activity.

The Charitable Eye Hospital is fully equipped with the most modern & latest equipments for eye examination and for performing surgeries which will be done by well known eye surgeons.

Alongwith general eye examination, diseases like Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, Pterygium, Cyst, DCR etc. will be treated with latest surgical techniques at concessional charges.

Cataract operations will be done by the latest Stitchless Phacoemulsification Technique with use of foldable and non-foldable intra ocular lens.

The Eye Institute is fully air-conditioned and located in the beautiful suburb of Bandra, the heart of Mumbai.

The centre will be run by a team of experienced eye surgeons & ophthalmic assistants under the able guidance of senior and well experienced eye surgeon Dr. Niteen Dedhia.

The aim of this centre is to provide High Quality Eye Care at concessional charges for the needy people of the society.

Main features of the Charitable Eye Institute:

  • It will be managed by eye surgeon and will not compromise on the standard of treatment, hygiene, intraocular lenses and material used for eye operation.
  • Most Modern Technology will be adopted for treatment like:
    • Surgical Operating Microscope from Leica Switzerland (for microscopic eye surgeries)
    • Optikon Phaco Machine from Italy (For stitchless cataract operation)
    • Computerized Auto Refractometer from Japan (for checking eye number)
    • Eye Sonography machine from U.S.A.
    • Slit-lamp Biomicroscope for examination of the eye from U.S.A. and Germany.
  • Patients will be examined by prior Appointment thereby reducing waiting time.
  • Pathology facilities required prior to eye operations will be made available at concessional charges.
  • Colour T.V. facility in surgical waiting and OPD waiting area will be provided for watching live eye operations.
  • Specialized Eye Investigations and Laser Treatments will be carried out at concessional rates

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  • It is been a wonderful experience to know you all and also to be treated by such a friendly and excellent team of professionals. What you all have done for me is just inexplicable all can say is "Thank you so much" for doing this wonder on my eyes. It really feels great to have an aid less vision. May God bless all of you all health and happiness and wish you all the very best for your work!

    Sumantha Guha


  • It's been a month since the LASIK surgery and i feel quite relieved not having to bother with contact lenses, glasses and not being able to see. Now, I feel good coz I can see clearly with no hassles, and relieved from glasses after 10 years.

    Reshma C Menghani

    Khar West, Mumbai

  • With the growing age and multiple times facing the problems of blurred vision, the need of doing an eye check up did arouse. I visited Ojas Eye hospital for the tests and soon I was diagnosed with the eye disease called Cataract. My mind was baffled with questions. Friendly approach of Dr.Dedhia, in Pre and post operations, was truly supporting. The advanced eye correction equipment did ensure the rest. My cataract operation is successful and at present I am blessed with clear vision.

    Salim Khan

  • She was suffering from a squint but the highly trained and welcoming team of the hospital made this tough times a comfortable one. The medical process was explained in depth which gave us a green signal with the sense of security and decided to go ahead with the surgery. I once again thank the entire team at Ojas for gifting my daughter the gift of a better sight.

    NJoki Khungwa

    From Nairobi - Kenya

  • Dream come true to watch the world with naked eyes with ease and Ojas has played a key role to make it happen. It has been excellent experience with Ojas. In terms of professionalism and skills, I consider Ojas one of the best eye care hospital.Especially Dr. Yatin was very helpful and made sure that I face no issues. Thanks

    Afreen Aga