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Spectacle Removal Surgery Vs Contact Lens

Spectacle Removal Surgery Vs Contact Lens

December 9, 2019

Spectacle Removal Surgery Vs Contact Lens

Spectacle Removal Surgery Vs Contact Lens

Many people do not want to use spectacles. There are two options for such people. Either they use contact lenses or they may undergo surgery for removing their spectacles. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. When you have decided to undergo a Lasik surgery for spectacle removal, you should opt for the best Laser Eye Treatment in Mumbai.

Can Spectacles Be Removed Permanently?

Various surgical methods are available to permanently remove spectacles. Although there are various simple and natural ways to increase the power of eyes and to improve its condition there is no authentic non-invasive method that can permanently remove the spectacles. For permanent removal of spectacles, consultation with a good doctor is the best option. There are various types of surgeries which can remove spectacles permanently. Lasik is one of the suitable and common methods which is generally used and the person should choose the best Lasik treatment in Mumbai.

What Are The Mistakes People Do During Wearing Contact Lenses?

Common mistakes which people generally do are:

  • Sleeping with contact lense it increases the risk of eye infections and corneal ulcers.
  • Overuse of contact lenses.
  • Another most common mistake is washing the lenses with tap water which can produce corneal infections due to contamination. Always contact lenses solution should be used to clean and store the lenses.
  • Use of contact lenses more than what the eye doctor has prescribed as the using time.
  • Wearing the same contact lenses for a longer period and not replacing them on time.
  • Touching lenses with dirty hands leads to infection in the eyes.

What Are The Risks Associated With Contact Lens Wearing?

Although contact lenses are comfortable they may also cause many serious conditions, like eye infections and corneal ulcers. Different conditions of risk can occur due to overuse and overnight use of contact lenses. Different types of lens material can develop the risk of blindness. One of the most serious symptoms that are commonly found with the use of contact lenses is microbial keratitis. It has also been found that different materials used in contact lenses like conventional hydrogel, silicone hydrogel effects eyes very rapidly.

A long time of wearing contact lenses causes corneal inflammation which can permanently damage the eye.

Using too much of contact lenses produce blocking of oxygen to eyes.

Lenses reduce the amount of tears production, which finally leads to dry eye syndrome and the person may experience eye irritation, eyes become red, and itchy.

How To Take Care Of Eyes While Wearing Contact Lenses?

Always keep contact lenses clean: Regular cleaning of contact lenses with lens solution reduces the risk of eye problems.

Avoid contact lenses during sleeping: Do not use contact lenses during sleeping unless medically necessary. The use of lenses during sleeping can increase the chances of eye problems.

Replacing of contact lenses regularly as advised by the doctor: Using old contact lenses for a long time can cause complications. Change contact lenses on time according to doctors advice. If any irritation and redness in the eye occur, first remove your lenses immediately and call your doctor.

Never use tap water and saliva in your contact lenses as this may cause microbial infection.

How To Decide Whether To Wear Contact Lenses Or Go For Spectacle Removal Surgery?

It is always better to decide with the advice of a good eye doctor. The doctor can suggest you always a better option according to your condition. As the use of contact lenses is quite easy but to maintain it is quite problematic. Although contact lenses are a bit costlier than surgery in the long run and can give you proper vision, they cannot solve your problems permanently. On the other hand, if we talk about spectacle removal surgery, it is the permanent solution for reducing your dependence on spectacles. Nowadays medical technology is improving gradually and has different simple surgical techniques within a very economical cost that can easily be afforded. Spectacle removal surgery is a much better option than contact lenses because it requires less time and Effective cure.

What Is The Advantage Of Laser Eye Surgery For Removing Spectacles?

The advantage of laser surgery is, it gives a greater effect with the relatively simple procedure. The patient may not need spectacles after surgery. It is the better option for the patients who cannot get used to spectacles and are unable to tolerate contact lenses. It is a very low-risk type of surgery which is free from severe pain. There is a less problem of corneal scarring and permanent cure for vision problems. The visual recovery with Lasik is also faster.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Laser Eye Surgery For Removing Spectacles?

Some of the rare disadvantages are:

  • Dryness of eyes
  • Sometimes double vision.
  • The flapping problem may occur
  • Chances of vision loss if surgery is not done properly.
  • After 40 yrs of age reading glasses are required.

To minimize the complications, the patient should visit Best Eye Hospital in Mumbai.

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