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Why Ojas

Why Ojas

Why Ojas

Nov 16, 2019

Sanskrit meaning of Ojas is ‘To Give Light’. Ojas is India’s number one eye hospital.

OJAS’ eye Services Include

  • Regular eye checkups
  • Regular eye exam
  • Corrective procedures

Corrective procedures for the following eye conditions:

  • Myopia
  • Flashes and Floaters
  • Cataract
  • Uveitis
  • Cornea Transplantation
  • Astigmatism
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Keratoconus
  • Ptosis, Botox, Blepharoplasty
  • Hyperopia
  • Retinal Tears
  • Glaucoma
  • Dry Eyes
  • Headache
  • Lasik
  • Age-related Macular Degeneration

9 Reasons to get your eyes treated with OJAS

  • Ojas is well known for many breakthroughs in ophthalmologic treatments. Ojas has the most experienced and best of eye Surgeons headed by world renowned Dr. Niteen Dedhia.
    • Ojas is the key leader in Stitchless Cataract Surgery since 1992
    • Is a pioneer of Trifocal Multifocal lens in Cataract Surgery in India since 2012
    • Ojas pioneer in Lasik since 20 years and Bladefree Lasik since 5 years
    • Performed more than 50,000 Lasik and 10,000 Bladefree Lasik procedures till date
    • Introducing LASIK and Custom LASIK treatment, bringing to you the latest wavefront technology of the West
    • Setting up the 1st Phakic Intra-Ocular lens implantation in a human eye in 2000. Done more than 1000 Implants till date
    • Ojas Pioneer in Intacs Implantation with C3R for treatment of Keratoconus since 2009. Maximum experience in Western India
  • You don’t have to come to us. We bring our services right at your doorstep with our mobile eye van.
  • With our super-speciality eye clinic, you’ll get everything under one roof: clinics for cataract, glaucoma, squint, corneal transplantation, oculoplasty, uveitis, retinopathy; a contact lenses clinic and; a paediatric clinic.
  • Our processes are of the highest quality in the world of eye care, our ISO 9001:2008 certificate says that loud and clear.
  • We’re registered with leading medical insurance companies, so you can be worry-less when you come to us.
  • Having conducted more than 80,000 eye surgeries for customers in 191 countries in the last 25 years, you’ll get only the most experienced practitioners operating on your eye.
  • 25 man years of experience in ophthalmology by a team qualified from renowned institutions, both in India & abroad, back our processes so, you can trust your care with us completely.
  • Only the latest equipment are used for treating your eyes because you deserve only the best.
    • Femtosecond Laser
    • Excimer Laser
    • Double Frequency Green Laser
    • Stratus Optical Coherence Tomography System
    • Yag Laser
    • Digital Fundus Angiography System
    • Bausch & Lomb Stellaries System for Microsurgical Treatment
    • Occulum Pentacam Imaging System
    • Aberrometry System for Custom LASIK
  • But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say about us, and speak to our surgeons, before you confirm your decision.

Your eyes are your biggest asset. Make sure they receive the best treatment.

At Ojas we make sure that your eyes receive the best treatment and we strive to deliver it. Give your eyes, the importance they deserve, Ojas does. A wide variety of diagnostic and treatment programmes are offered for prevention and treatment of eye diseases.

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  • It is been a wonderful experience to know you all and also to be treated by such a friendly and excellent team of professionals. What you all have done for me is just inexplicable all can say is "Thank you so much" for doing this wonder on my eyes. It really feels great to have an aid less vision. May God bless all of you all health and happiness and wish you all the very best for your work!

    Sumantha Guha


  • It's been a month since the LASIK surgery and i feel quite relieved not having to bother with contact lenses, glasses and not being able to see. Now, I feel good coz I can see clearly with no hassles, and relieved from glasses after 10 years.

    Reshma C Menghani

    Khar West, Mumbai

  • With the growing age and multiple times facing the problems of blurred vision, the need of doing an eye check up did arouse. I visited Ojas Eye hospital for the tests and soon I was diagnosed with the eye disease called Cataract. My mind was baffled with questions. Friendly approach of Dr.Dedhia, in Pre and post operations, was truly supporting. The advanced eye correction equipment did ensure the rest. My cataract operation is successful and at present I am blessed with clear vision.

    Salim Khan

  • She was suffering from a squint but the highly trained and welcoming team of the hospital made this tough times a comfortable one. The medical process was explained in depth which gave us a green signal with the sense of security and decided to go ahead with the surgery. I once again thank the entire team at Ojas for gifting my daughter the gift of a better sight.

    NJoki Khungwa

    From Nairobi - Kenya

  • Dream come true to watch the world with naked eyes with ease and Ojas has played a key role to make it happen. It has been excellent experience with Ojas. In terms of professionalism and skills, I consider Ojas one of the best eye care hospital.Especially Dr. Yatin was very helpful and made sure that I face no issues. Thanks

    Afreen Aga