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5 Exercises for healthier eyes- Part 1

5 Exercises for healthier eyes- Part 1

November 28, 2019

5 Exercises for healthier eyes- Part 1

5 Exercises for healthier eyes- Part 1

5 Exercises for healthier eyes

Eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. Often, they are the most neglected ones. Just as your other body parts needs exercises to stay in good shape, your eyes can also be in good shape if you follow these simple exercises on a regular basis. Here are few exercises to keep your eyes healthy and strong.

1. Palming:

One of the most common eye exercises and followed widely is the Plaming technique. Rub your palms to warm them up. Close your eyes and cup them with your palms. Your palms should not touch the eyelids. Breathe deeply few times while holding the position. Open your eyes slowly. There will be a huge difference in the colours that you see, they will look brighter.

2. Eye Circles:

Whenever your eyes feel stiff, this is an ideal exercise for your eye muscles. Sit straight, keep your neck stiff and start rotating your eyes in circular motion: clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. This exercise will help you to relax your eye muscles.

3. Blinking:

Blinking is one of the most natural ways to relax your eyes. Often, when you are sitting in front of a computer, you tend to blink less as you are focusing on something. Take a break from your work and blink your eyes rapidly. Blinking helps to remove the strain from your eyes and relax them.

4. Zooming:

Zooming helps in increasing your focusing abilities. Focus on your thumb or index finger keeping it at an arm’s length. Move the finger closer to your nose while looking intently at it. Then move it back again. Do this a few times without losing your focus from your finger.

5. Figure Eight:

This is a perfect way to exercise your eyes muscles and make them flexible. Sit straight and keep your neck straight. Now, start moving your eyes as if you are tracing a figure eight with your eyes. Do it both ways alternatively for a few minutes.

These exercises are relatively easy to perform and doesn’t take much of your time. Perform these exercises for improved vision.

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