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We won where others failed

We won where others failed

Amar Bipin Shah (20 years old) came to us for routine check ups as he had very high glass numbers. He had tried contact lenses to improve his vision, but could not tolerate it. First thing in the morning he had to look for glasses and only then could he go around with his routine activities.

He was a sportsperson and loved to play different games, but was always a little conscious because of his glasses. All the centers he visited for refractive surgery would not ensure him full correction of his eye number.

He visited Ojas Eye Hospital In Mumbai from Africa in 2006 for Dr. Dedhia’s advice. He was advised to undergo Toric ICL to take care of his high number (-13 / -4; -11 / -2.25) and surgery was performed on 20th October, 2006. Special made-to-order ICL was imported from Switzerland for this purpose.

After the normal recovery period he was an unbelievably happy man as if he had got a new life!