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All About Topography Guided Laser Vision Correction

All About Topography Guided Laser Vision Correction

March 26, 2020

All About Topography Guided Laser Vision Correction

Approved by the FDA, Contoura Vision™, or the Topography guided laser vision correction is the the most near perfect vision correction that you can get in Mumbai. It is not limited to just the spectacles prescription, on the whole, Contoura Vision™ treats even the smallest of imperfections that are unique to each patient’s cornea.

This ability of Contoura Vision™, to rectify both, the eye glass prescription and the corneal irregularities, makes the patient’s eye, focus better and also improves their vision.

Ojas eye hospital in Mumbai, are the pioneers of bringing this advanced technology in Mumbai. Our highly experienced LASIK surgeons are equipped with, this most advanced excimer laser system.

This laser system, measures the patients cornea, and communicates it to the software, so that the treatment can be carried out accordingly.

  • On the day of the treatment, or the day before it, pictures of the patients eye is taken by the corneal topographer called the Vario or Topolyzer.
  • The shape characteristics of the patient’s eye is also measured
  • The Vario or Topolyzer then sends 22000 data points to the surgical planning computer
  • A highly customized treatment plan, based on the unique shape of the patient’s cornea is created.
  • Following which, the treatment plan is sent to the Wavelight EX500 excimer laser system which then performs under the guidance of the best LASIK surgeons in Mumbai at Ojas eye hospital.

Contoura Vision™ may not be the suitable for every patient. post analyzing the corneal map, our experts, may suggest a more predictable result that may be achieved with the Wavefront Optimized Treatment.

The difference between Contoura Vision™ and other Custom Lasik treatments.

Europe, Canada, United States etc. have been relying on Contoura Vision™ for more than a decade.

Contoura Vision™ is a unique topography guided Lasik procedure which maps the eye and guides the treatment.

It measures every sub-microscopic peaks and valleys of the cornea with the utmost precision, through it’s topography instrument called Vario Topolyzer.

The Wavefront-guided Lasik, also gives good results, as it measures around 200 points of the cornea’s curvature. While the Contoura Vision™ measures 22000 points, which allows the software to create a highly customized treatment, which is then programmed into the laser, and the cornea is treated automatically.

The laser brings the cornea’s shape, back to normal, so all the light rays passing through it reach the retina, at the back of the eye uniformly, thus producing an extremely clear and sharp vision.

Contoura Vision™ is highly customized, because the topography measurements are so accurate, that it makes it impossible for any two patients to have the same treatment.

Wave-front Lasik measures all parts of the eye along the visual pathway while Topography measurements include only the cornea, which hosts most imperfections of the eyes. The lens of the eye may also contribute to poor vision, but that may change over a certain time period, which may then work against the changes made to the cornea by the Lasik.

Contoura Vision™ -Topography guided Laser Vision Correction, rectifies the cornea’s surface with such precision, that patient’s may experience a better quality vision than before.

Clinical studies have shown Contoura Vision™ -Topography guided Lasik helped 90% of the patients see just as well or with an improved vision without glasses than with it.

Benefits of Contoura Vision™ -Topography guided laser vision correction lies in the observation, that it may help patients with an improved quality of vision and may also reduce glare and light sensitivity.

Who is eligible for Contoura Vision™ – Topography guided laser vision correction?

Post evaluation, our expert may recommend you for Topography guided Lasik if you meet the following criteria:

  • A stable spectacle or contact lens prescription
  • Upto 8 diopters of Myopia
  • Upto 3 diopters of Astigmatism
  • Upto 9 diopters of myopia and astigmatism combined.
  • Aged 18 or above

For your Contoura Laser Vision Correction in Mumbai, Ojas Eye Hospital provides you with a team of highly experienced and best LASIK specialists in mumbai, who determine your eligibilty during your initial Lasik Consultation and eye examination. And accordingly prescribe the best treatment for superior results and an improved vision quality.

Ojas eye hospital provides two types of Lasik, so you can get the best possible result from your treatment. They are:

  • Wavefront optimized treatment and
  • Contoura Vision™ – Customized treatments through the use of topographic data obtained from the Vario Topolyzer. FDA studies have highlighted this procedure to show results superior than Wave light Lasik, which is already known to give good results.

The above two profiles apply to Lasik, Lasek and PRK.

Wavefront optimized treatments is prescribed for those who cannot undergo Contoura Vision™.

Wavelight Contoura™ for patients who have already got LASIK done or have irregular corneas.

After getting their Lasik done, one may still develop irregularities in the cornea which can reduce the quality of vision and give side effects like glare, ghosting of images, halos and blurred vision. Topography guided Lasik, corrects the irregularities present in the cornea, which may cause the symptoms.

Clinical data from all over the world, have reported with patient’s experiencing excellent results.

Patients with Keratoconus or post Lasik ectasia may also be treated with Contoura Vision™ Topography guided laser vision correction.

Wavelight Contoura™ – FDA trial synopsis.

Following is the findings of the FDA for the approval of Contoura Vision™:

  • 98% patients were so satisfied, that they said they would opt for this procedure again
  • 30% of the patients felt an improved vision quality with this procedure, than with what they had earlier with their glasses or contacts lenses.
  • Patients reported with a reduced complaint of glare, lightsensitivity, reading difficulties and difficulty with driving at night, compared to their previous experiences before the surgery.
  • Considering 20/20 is normal vision, 92% of patients had 20/20 or better vision after their Contoura Vision™ procedure, 65% of the patients achieved 20/16 vision, and 34% achieved 20/12.5 (eagles, who are known for their sharp eyesight have 20/5 vision, and hawks as good as 20/2)
  • Most patients felt that Contoura Vision™ outperformed glasses and contact lenses and gave them crystal clear eyesight with sharpness compared to that of an eagle.

Commonalities between Contoura Vision™ Topography guided Lasik and Other Lasik procedures.

  • All Lasik treatments are carried out under the corneal flap, created by a femtosecond laser, whose speed is measured in quadriliionts of a second
  • The femtosecond laser creates the LASIK flap with precise dimensions so it fits back securely after the treatment, it is also least disruptive to the delicate corneal tissue.
  • At Ojas Eye Hospital in Mumbai, the Wavelight EX 500 laser is used in all types of LASIK, as this laser’s pulses preserves the natural corneal curvature and minimises side effects
  • The 500Hz laser, tracks even the most unnoticeable eye movement during the procedure and ensures the treatment at the exact intended location.

3 Important Things To Know About Contoura Vision™

  1. Contoura Vision™ has been approved by the FDA for a specified range of Myopia and Astigmatism. Your vision must be within the specified range to undergo this procedure.
  2. A thorough eye examination is essential
  3. Your LASIK specialist may disqualify you for a topography guided Lasik if you’ve had any eye surgery, or if you have certain ocular or systemic conditions or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding

You can opt for a Wavefront-optimized Lasik, if you disqualify for Contoura Vision™ LASIK.

Our LASIK experts, in Ojas Eye Hospital in Mumbai will provide you with the correct guidance to the best extent possible. For more, call +91-9137462795 or Visit Ojas Eye Hospital, The best laser eye hospital in Mumbai.

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