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Blade free Femto Lasik / Custom Bladefree Lasik In Mumbai, India

Blade free Femto Lasik / Custom Bladefree Lasik In Mumbai, India

November 28, 2019

Blade free Femto Lasik / Custom Bladefree Lasik In Mumbai, India

Blade free Femto Lasik / Custom Bladefree Lasik In Mumbai, India

The Blade Free Intralase “Femtosecond” LASIK is the latest technology in LASIK eye surgery with faster recovery times, higher precision and lower chance of complications. This is the only LASIK technology recommended for use by NASA and the US Army and Navy for Astronauts and top officials. Ojas Eye Clinic is the ONLY clinic in Mumbai with this technology, and we also have more experience with Blade Free LASIK (4+ years) than any other center in Western India.

Blade Free LASIK

Blade free Femto Lasik Custom Bladefree Lasik in Mumbai

Blade Free IntraLase ‘FemtosecondLASIK is a 100% blade free procedure for those of you who feel hesitant about the 1st step in the regular LASIK surgery – Creation of the cornea flap.

As the name suggests, the blade-free, or bladeless IntraLase method does not use a blade [microkeratome] in the procedure. Instead, it uses 2 distinct lasers to make the surgery more comfortable:

1 a femtosecond laser creates a thin corneal flap, and 2 an excimer laser, directed at the newly exposed eye surface, alters the shape of the cornea in the required fashion.

IntraLase is a type of femtosecond pulse laser that is ultra-short. Eye surgeons use the IntraLase femtosecond laser to create the protective flap over your cornea instead of the usual microkeratome (surgical blade), and if you’re wondering, ‘femtosecond’ means one quadrillionth of a second! (Yes, that’s the speed at which the laser operates)

Also known as the all-laser LASIK or Intra LASIKTM, this procedure takes 15-20 seconds per eye to create the corneal flap and approximately 10 minutes to complete the surgical process.

Custom LASIK

How is custom LASIK performed?

In case of Custom LASIK, a wave-front analyzer is used. This enables our ophthalmic surgeon to customize the conventional LASIK procedure for your eyes. Since this procedure is designed to specifically to suit your eyes, it results in much clearer and sharper vision than ever before. The latest wavefront technology is enabled to examine your cornea and provide unique dimensions for the creation of customized corneal flap. This results in high levels of accuracy in vision correction with little or no margin for errors. Custom LASIK is used for treating higher order aberrations, i.e. tiny imperfections in the optical system of your eyes which causes significant impact on the quality of vision. In fact, higher order aberrations have been linked to visual glares and halos. Traditional LASIK surgery can treat ordinary vision defects such as Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism, but other irregularities need to be treated via Custom LASIK surgery using the wavefront technology.

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