Reversible corneal implants in 10 minutes!

INTACS Corneal implants for the treatment of de-centered Keratoconus or pellucid like kerato metry patterns.A ring inserted through a tiny opening made in the surface of the cornea.
Dr. Niteen Dedhia’s talk on corneal implants
  • Simple, 10-minute outpatient procedure
  • Marked improvement in vision
  • Removable and exchangeable
  • Minimally invasive as compared to corneal transplantation
  • Delays the progression of keratoconus
  • The procedure allows you to undergo a corneal transplant if required, in the future


Corneal collagen crosslinking with riboflavin (C3-R) is non-surgical treatment that is proven to prevent the progression of keratoconus, and it may even be able to reverse the condition to some extent. csr31 The figures show parallel corneal layers (white) and the collagen cross-linking (red) which are increased after C3-R treatment.