Why sport pros need laser corrected vision and how they have gone to top their game after it.
sport featured Why should lack of better vision hold you back from your favorite sport?Professional athletes are generally expected to be in excellent physical condition but some sports also require players with perfect eyesight.You can't wear spectacles under a helmet. Worse, sweat causes serious problems when you do. Contact lens causes serious injury. And you are forever at the mercy of unpredictable dust and wind in the grounds. You understand how these problems fuzzily come in the way of your game.   Glasses and contacts are inconvenient for anyone, but especially for athletes who play sports and don’t want to break their glasses or deal with the irritation that is caused when dirt or sweat interferes with contact lenses. If you are an athlete, you qualify for LASIK as long as you can follow the post-operative instructions which include:
  • Avoiding sports for at least two weeks after your LASIK surgery
  • Possibly having your surgery in the off-season of your sport for maximum recovery time
  • Making all of your post-surgery follow-up appointments
The Benefits of LASIK After choosing LASIK surgery, you will find that your athletics are so much simpler without having to worry about wearing sport-specific eye glasses or contacts. The benefits from LASIK include:
  • Improved night vision
  • Not having to wear glasses or contacts during sports
  • Improved peripheral vision
  • Achieving vision near 20/20
Read about the famous athletes who have overcome their vision handicaps smartly and wisely. The ones who underwent Lasik Eye Surgery and went on to top their game. 1LeBron James (Miami Heat) - Basketball In September 2007, James underwent LASIK eye  surgery to improve his vision. A few days later he was cleared for his strenuous off-season workouts. LeBron James was able to rid his contact lenses and glasses for good.         2 Tiger Woods (PGA) Tiger Woods, it's said was so nearsighted he said he would be considered legally blind without glasses or contacts. He underwent Lasik Eye Correction twice in his career. The rest they say is history.   What are you waiting for? Find out whether you're a good candidate for Lasik Refractive Surgery first. Speak with an experienced Lasik surgeon. Test your eyes. Understand the risks involved with refractive eye surgery and how to minimize them.