Ohh My Gosh!!!! I am relieved!

No more waking up to put on lenses in morning and putting them back in the case while going to bed ( even though how sleepy you are). But this surgery has proven to be a great change. At first, I denied for this as I was ok with lenses or specs but my mum repelled over this and henceforth we chose to go with SURGERY AT OJAS. Thanx to my mum for this decision and Ojas to boost up my confidence level. Ojas got me rid of the fear which I had of water while using lenses. All the time I had to take precaution abt my lenses during rains, swimming, at waterparks, etc. And now I am free, free to do anything. Whatever I want, I can go places without worring abt the conditions there. Nothing at all. I would like to thank Dr. Yatin Jadhav for all his support during this process and for understanding us too. Last but not the least I wanna thank my doctor, Dr.Chhabda who suggested Ojas and found it best suitable for me. Thank you for making me see a clearer and broader perspective of life in a new way!
Amruta Ghugal
From Aurangabad