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Men and Women really see things differently

Men and Women really see things differently

December 2, 2019

Men and Women really see things differently

Men and Women really see things differently

Men and women really don’t see eye to eye, according to a new study. Females are better at discriminating among colors, researchers say, while males excel at tracking fast-moving objects and discerning detail from a distance—evolutionary adaptations possibly linked to our hunter-gatherer past.

A research was conducted at State University of New York for students aged 16 and above and it was found that when the volunteers were required to describe colors shown to them across the visual spectrum it became obvious that the color vision of men was shifted, and that they required a slightly longer wavelength to experience the same hue as the women.

The effect is very small but it might mean that choosing a shade of paint from the dozens on a color chart is a job best suited to a woman.

Hence, the eye health care also differs for both sexes. Here are few facts about how male and female eye care differs:

Rate of women experiencing vision concerns as serious as permanent vision loss is double than men So, all we can do to prevent healthy sight includes eating right, not smoking, and getting regular check- ups.

Peripheral vision is better in Females This can be traced back to early days of humans as caveman when women were required to gather foods for their families and hence needed to be alert and aware of their surroundings.

Pregnancy affects vision to a great extent The chances of this increase even more if you develop gestational diabetes while you are pregnant. Routine care and seeing your doctor if you notice any changes in your vision, is very important, because even hypertension and diabetes might affect your vision.

Males are 17 times more likely to be colorblind than Females This is also traced back to our ancestors. Being colorblind helped the men focus on prey in a complex background, making them better hunters.

Dry eye occurs more in Women than Men This can be treated. If you find that your eyes are red, itchy, and just generally bothersome see your eye doctor and he can prescribe a treatment plan.

Women who go through menopause early are at a greater risk Dry eye is more common after menopause so be sure to do your yearly eye exams and always see your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms so that you can prevent damage.

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